Who manages Fraternity?

Hamish Henry and The Grape Organisation Pty Ltd have managed Fraternity since 1970. Today, Hamish continues to manage the band’s affairs with Grape’s co-director Victor Marshall.

Where can I purchase an official release?

The only official release is a 3 disc boxset containing the band’s complete recorded output titled Fraternity: Seasons of Change – The Complete Recordings 1970-1974. It is currently sold through The Grape Organisation Pty Ltd and Cherry Red Records UK.

How do I license a photo of Fraternity?

A majority of photos of Fraternity are owned by Hamish Henry and The Grape Organisation Pty Ltd, including those taken by Vytas Serelis. Please contact us using the link below.

Go-Set photographer Philip Morris also has a selection of well known photos of the band. You can contact him through Facebook.

Where can I buy official Fraternity Merchandise?

Only through the Grape Organisation Store.

I want to use Fraternity’s music, how do I get permission?

Contact Sony Music Publishing for all publishing queries. For recordings, contact The Grape Organisation using the link below.

Are Fraternity affiliated with Blue Pie Records, Bonfire Records and their website fraternityband.com?

No – Blue Pie Records have published an unofficial website and use Fraternity’s works and likenesses without authorisation.

Are Fraternity associated at all with bonscott.com and a proposed
documentary titled “Looking for Bon” or “Bon and Irene”?

No – neither are connected with Fraternity or its members.

What is the Bon Scott Estate?

“Bon Scott Estate” is the trading name used by Sevdoka Pty Ltd which, as trustee of
the RB Scott Estate Trust, has been the custodian of the Estate of the late Ronald Belford Scott since shortly after Bon’s untimely passing. Bon’s family members are the directors of Sevdoka Pty Ltd. “Bon Scott Estate” is an Australian registered business name.

Who manages the Bon Scott Estate?

Sonic Rights Management serves as the Bon Scott Estate’s sole and exclusive
business and rights manager. The Sonic Rights Management and Sonic Lawyers businesses are operated by separate but related companies with common directorship.

How can I contact the Bon Scott Estate?

You can contact the Bon Scott Estate through Sonic Rights Management.
Email: info@sonicrights.com
Phone: +61 2 7227 7479

Alternatively, you can contact the Bon Scott Estate through its lawyers, Sonic Lawyers.
Email: info@soniclawyers.com
Phone: +61 2 7227 7479

How can I contact The Grape Organisation?

Use the contact form below and we will get back to you soon.

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