Hamish Henry

Hamish Henry was an extremely talented young entrepreneur and automobile dealer, who lived in North Adelaide. From the late 60’s he had a considerable involvement in the Adelaide rock scene as a manager, promoter, record producer and venue owner. By the early 70s Hamish had a stronghold running most Adelaide venues, including Headquarters North, South, East and West. Hamish also co-owned Adelaide’s poster printing company Hensen graphics.

Henry established The Grape Organisation to oversee all his music industry activates and companies. Henry also started the company Music Power, which he created when he organised and financed the 1971 Myponga Music Festival, booking Black Sabbath as headliners. Hamish also managed a number of Adelaide bands including W.G. Berg (later known as War Machine) Headband, Lotus, Nostra Damus and Fraternity. Hamish was also credited as a producer of their recordings, including their version of Blackfeather’s Seasons Of Change.

Hamish promoted countless international acts in Adelaide including Free, Deep Purple and Manfred Mann, 1910 Fruitgum Co and Elton John.

Henry was a close friend of award-winning artist and photographer Vytas Serelis, who photographed the musicians associated with Henry, including Fraternity.

Hamish took Fraternity to great heights in Australia and decided to take the band overseas to England. Whilst there, Hamish started managing other bands and musicians such as The Pink Fairies, Focus and Charles Aznavour.

Hamish now runs The Grape Organisation with Adelaide concert promoter and historian Victor Marshall.


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