Tony Buettel

Tony Buettel was born in Toowoomba, Queensland on 19th February 1947.

Whilst attending school, Tony became interested in music after discovering The Beatles and initially wanted to play Bass, but one of his friends already played Bass, so he chose drums.

Tony began playing in an instrumental outfit called ‘The Rising Sons’. Bassist and later famed band manager Glenn Wheatley formed a band whilst in High School, called South Town Moods. Tony Buettel continued to play in the South Town Moods after High School, becoming a law clerk at the Public Curator Office in Brisbane whilst studying law at Queensland Uni. Tony was offered to join Bay City Union featuring Matt Taylor and later Phil Manning. Tony would join the band on the condition that his friend Glenn Wheatley also joined. Bay City Union left Brisbane in 1966, moving to Melbourne. Eventually the band recorded a single ‘Mo’reen’ for Festival.

Whilst living in a three bedroom flat in Carlisle Avenue, Balaclava other bands had moved in adjacent to Bay City Union including The Masters Apprentices. Tony Buettel and Glenn Wheatley were both offered to join The Masters Apprentices, but only Glenn would join as Tony had a call from Barrie McAskill to join Levi Smith’s Clefs.

After a successful residency at the Whiskey Au Go Go and recording album ‘Empty Monkey’ and backing Doug Ashdown on his album ‘Age Of Mouse’, Levi Smith’s Clefs moved to Melbourne and would leave singer Barrie McAskill behind, becoming ‘Fraternity’.

Fraternity gained a residency at Jonathan’s night club in Sydney, after Bon Scott joined Fraternity on lead vocals Tony would soon leave the band.

Tony went on to perform in Band of Talabene and then Band of Light. Tony found great success with Band of Light recording the influential LP ‘Total Union’, along with many singles. Tony left the band whilst recording follow up LP ‘The Archer’. Tony would then find himself in Jim Keays Band performing on Jim Keays solo LP ‘The Boy From the Stars’.

Tony would move into production and engineering throughout the late 70s and 80s. Some of his credits include: Uncanny Xmen, Goanna, John Paul Young, Allison Durbin, Don Lane, Colleen Hewett, Renee Geyer and Redgum.


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