Mick Jurd

Mick Jurd was born in Glebe, Sydney on the 3rd of May 1942. Mick gained a passion for music at a young age and was a natural at guitar. Mick had an early start playing in local Jazz clubs and bars. As a pick up guitarist he played in a variety of bands including Johnny Reb and the Rebels and Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. Mick played with everybody and was a real session player. Mick would also played for the troops in Vietnam with Eden Kane, Maggie Jodrall and The Sullivan Sisters in February 1968.

Back in Sydney Mick landed a job with Barrie McAskill and his Levi Smith’s Clefs, performing Soul Music at the Whiskey Au Go Go to the American R & R soldiers visiting from Vietnam. Barrie had discovered Mick performing at the Tiki Village

The Levi Smith’s Clefs Mick had joined soon left Barrie to become another band called Tully. A new Levi Smith’s Clefs was formed by Barrie McAskill comprising of Bruce Howe, John Bisset, Tony Buettel and Mick.

The band continued Levi Smith Clef’s successful residency at the Whiskey Au Go Go, before moving to Melbourne and recording the album Empty Monkey. Soon the band left Barrie in Melbourne and moved back to Sydney calling themselves ‘Fraternity’.

As a four piece, Fraternity gained a residency at Jonathan’s night club and soon gain a new lead singer, The Valentines’ Bon Scott. A new drummer, John Freeman would also join the band and eventually move to Adelaide.

Under the management of music entrepreneur Hamish Henry the band recorded two albums Livestock and Flaming Galah. Fraternity would also headline Hamish Henry’s 1971 Myponga Music Festival with Black Sabbath.

Fraternity would perform with Deep Purple, Manfred Mann and Free amongst many others and go on to win the prestigious Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds in 1971. The band moved to England but would end up splitting at the end of 1973.

Mick remained in England gaining employment as a sales rep and picked up some work in playing local bands. After some close calls with IRA bombings, Mick and his wife Carol returned to Australia in mid 1974. After moving back to Sydney, Mick would start performing again with jazz player Jim Kelly playing at venues such as The Basement.

Mick’s job as a sales rep required him to move back to Adelaide in 1975, where he would join a reformed Red Angel Panic with Fraternity bandmate John Freeman. Bruce Howe’s Fraternity MK II had split after the departure of Jimmy Barnes and John Swan, he formed Jazz rock outfit ‘Some Dream’ in 1977 inviting Mick and John Freeman to join.

Mick no longer wanted to tour and Bruce left Some Dream to join Mickey Finn.

Mick left Some Dream just as it was falling apart and he moved back to Sydney, continuing to perform until his passing on the 3rd June 1992.


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