Uncle John Eyers

John Eyers was born in Sydney on the 12th October 1948, and grew up with his two sisters on Sydney’s north shore.

After leaving school Uncle gained employment as an advertising copywriter and went on to devote his life to music.

The mysterious John Eyers was previously a member of Jeff St John’s Copper wine and a Go Set dossier says he was also a member of bands Tamari Sauce and Gravel.

Uncle’s first official gig with Fraternity was over the Easter weekend in 1971, although he had played with them whilst in Sydney at Jonathan’s night club and at a number of outdoor festivals.

Fraternity won the national Battle of the Sounds and moved to England, ultimately falling apart.

Upon returning to Australia, Uncle and Bruce Howe formed Fraternity MK II. Uncle was instrumental in getting Jimmy Barnes to join, convincing him to leave Cold Chisel for a short while. After MKII broke up, Uncle John Eyers and Mauri Berg form a new band called Mickey Finn with drummer Joff Bateman (Headband) and bassist Bill McMahon.

Mickey Finn would evolve and go through many line up changes, eventually having most of the members of Fraternity move through its ranks. Uncle’s ear drums burst after a fold back accident and by 1992 Mickey Finn called it a day and split.


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